Overview of Chariot Grant Statuses

The following describes the available set of statuses for grants that are initiated through Chariot. There is no guarantee that every grant initiated through Chariot will reach a final, completed state as a confirmation may be required from the receiving nonprofit. The available set of statuses depends on the paymentChannel of a Grant or Unintegrated Grant object.


StatusPayment ChannelsDescriptionWhat's next
UnknownofflineThe donor created the grant outside of Chariot.The donor should have taken the manual steps required to submit the donation through their DAF provider. The Nonprofit should reach out to the donor to confirm the status of the Grant.
Initiateddafpay_network direct offlineThe payment has been successfully received by the DAF provider.The status will move to Processing when DAFpay Network receives the payment from the DAF provider. It will move to Canceled if the payment is never received by the DAFpay Network.
Processingdafpay_networkThe DAFpay Network has received an inbound transfer from the DAF provider.The status will move to Received or Canceled depending on whether the funds clear at the DAFpay Network.
Receiveddafpay_networkThe payment has been successfully received by the DAFpay Network and is available for payout to the end nonprofit.The funds are available for withdrawal by the nonprofit on their Chariot dashboard.
Payment Pendingdafpay_networkThe payout associated with the grant has been submitted and is pending confirmation by the nonprofit's bank.The funds are being transferred to the nonprofit's bank.
Canceleddafpay_network direct offlineThe grant was canceled by the donor or the payment was never received by from the DAF Provider.The nonprofit should not expect to receive the grant. No processing fees will be taken/charged.
Completeddafpay_network direct offlineThe payment has been completed and the funds are in the nonprofit's bank.