Use Chariot Connect to allow users to initiate grant requests from their Donor Advised Funds

Chariot Connect



Chariot Connect is the client-side component that users will interact with in order to initiate grant requests from their Donor Advised Funds.

Chariot Connect will handle credential validation, multi-factor authentication, and error handling for each Donor Advised Fund that we support. Connect works across all modern browsers and platforms.

Connect flow overview

The diagram below shows a model of how Chariot Connect is initialized using a connect_token. It then shows how to retrieve donation data by calling the Chariot API.



Chariot Connect is initialized by passing a connect_token to Connect's front-end configuration. This token is generated by calling the /connect/token/retreive endpoint. Additionally, onSuccess and onExit callback functions can be set to handle successful and unsuccessful donation attempts. For more information, see Integrating Connect.