Missing institution or "Connectivity not supported"

If your user has a donor advised fund that Chariot does not currently integrate with, then Connect will allow the user to select that DAF and give detailed instructions on how to complete their DAF donation. Connect will hyperlink the user to their DAF login portal and allow the donor to notify Chariot that the donation was placed. If you want a custom flow for unintegrated DAFs, please contact us


Institution status in Connect

Connect proactively lets users know if an institution's connection isn't performing well. Below are the three views a user will see depending on the status of the institution they select.

When the status of an institution is DEGRADED, Connect will warn users that they may experience issues and allow them to continue. Once the status becomes DOWN, Connect will block users from attempting to log in and suggest the "Missing Institution" flow described above.


Minimum donation requirement and insufficient account balances

If a donor tries to submit a grant request for an amount that exceeds their current account balance, Connect will alert the donor and automatically adjust the donation amount to the available account balance. Additionally, if a Donor Advised Fund platform has a minimum donation requirement, Connect will alert donors of this requirement and automatically alter the donation size to match the minimum threshold for submission.