Chariot API Postman

Fork the Collection

If you normally use Postman for API development, you can fork the collection from Chariot's Public Workspace to test out and develop against the Chariot APIs within Postman.

Run in Postman

Setup Environments

  • Sandbox - This is the testing environment that you should use in a pre-production environment while developing and testing the Chariot integration.
  • Production - This is the production environment that you should use for real data and donations.

Setup Authorization

To run requests you'll need to configure OAuth2 Authorization using your OAuth Client Credentials.

You can setup OAuth authorization at the collection level and reuse the same OAuth token for all requests within the collection. The best practice is to leverage the Postman Environments provided to save and re-use environment-related variables such as the following to make it simple to setup OAuth:

  • oauthTokenUrl - the OAuth Token URL endpoint
  • oauthClientId - the OAuth Client ID
  • oauthClientSecret - the OAuth Client Secret