Answers to commonly asked questions

How can my platform collect our processing fees?

In the Create Grant endpoint, there is a parameter named applicationFeeAmount. This will allow the caller to pass in a processing fee for the grant. Chariot will then either deduct that amount before paying out the nonprofit or invoice the fees from the Nonprofit and send the fees in a cadence according to an agreed-upon contract.

How can I run form validations before the Connect button launches?

To perform form validation before Chariot Connect launches, simply return false in the onDonationRequest. Please see Integrating Connect to learn more.

How can donors cover fees?

If a donor wishes to cover the fees, increase the final amount sent to the Create Grant route to compensate for the processing fees. Take into consideration that increasing the final amount also raises the processing fee and don't forget to round the final amount to a whole dollar (nearest 100) as DAFs only allow grants in dollar increments.

To calculate the final amount you can use the following formula:

What is the DAFpay Network?

For nonprofits that haven't completed onboarding and verification with Chariot, DAFpay routes payments through a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity named DAFpay Network. The DAFpay Network then sends the funds to the nonprofit minus processing fees. This enables DAFpay to accommodate payments to all eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits for receiving DAF (Donor-Advised Fund) donations.